Craft Dump

I have recently completed a few crafts so before I put them up on my art site I will record them here.
1.  First double knit on a loom .  Got looms nad yarn for xmas and made this scarf:

2. Second double knit on knifty knitter, yellow loom.  Yard sale yarn to make a table runner:

3. Woven bag.  Wove using old untwisted pink yarn and a metal potholder loom from the book “the woven bag” by Noreen Crone-Findlay.  The handle was made using two pegs on a knifty knitter tube loom.

4. I made a couple of flannel slips out of pajama scraps.. I made a six gore pattern for the first one this is the second I used the six gore pattern for the top and added layers below it to make it the right length.  the ruffle is patched together with small rectangles nad the edge is pinked to make it ragged.  Go Shabby Chic!

5. An the newest craft for me is english paper piecing.  It is a patchwork quilting type of craft.  I use the collars from some nightgowns I had just removed.  They were bothering my neck at night.  They are flannel too.

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