Speed Racer

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Well I sure don’t work for any branch of the movie industry. I and my family LOVED Speed Racer. My hubby was glad that they kept the ‘cartoony’ aspect and didn’t try to make it too real. I think they did a good job with casting. I’m no Matrix fan either but the script worked for this story very well. It was true to its roots while still being updated and 21st century. We made sure our 11 year old had a background in the original cartoon before we took her too. But I don’t think it would have been necessary for her to enjoy it. If people don’t understand the action or the plot they are either dumb as bricks or trying to see what isn’t there. It was supposed to be fun and it was. I can’t see how it was a @@@* of the original either when the original was all campy and flash to begin with. It isn’t so much a racing movie as it is ‘kung-fu’ with cars. My daughter who dosn’t like very much and never wants to see anything again was bugging to see it again as we walked out of the theater. The bottom line is ‘never listen to the critics’ , they’re idiots.


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Forbidden Kingdom

We went yesterday to see “Forbidden Kingdom”, the new Jackie Chan/Jet Li
movie. It was totally awesome. The characters were fun and the plot
with the amarican kid was sweet. The locations where it was shot in
china were incredible. I’d pay to see it again. Jackie and Jet were
unbelievable. The kungfu scenes were strictly chinese style.

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