Another day another tumble

Lost my footing while walking the marina today.  Stepped off the board walk without realizing it and fell on my right shoulder.  My back feels messed up in two places now.

What a day

So I went to the Chiropractor with my parents this morning, my mother drove.  Livia said my neck was very bad and she said to notexercise today and use a lot of moist heat.  My mother was adjusted too and then had trigger therapy.  The ride home was dreadful though.   I was so car sick by the time we got home I had to sit still and have a cup of chamomile tea.

Marina has done nothing but whine at me all day too.  Good grief!

So my head and neck still hurt but not as bad and not the same way as over the weekend and I’m supposed to go again tomorrow to the chiro .  Hopefully I’ll start healing quickly.

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