Another day another tumble

Lost my footing while walking the marina today.  Stepped off the board walk without realizing it and fell on my right shoulder.  My back feels messed up in two places now.


I went to the public library tonight to see if I could get in on the Anime on the Edge meeting. Well I was not allowed because I’m over 24 and the meeting was for 18-24 year olds.  So I was directed to Adult services so I could request a program for us oldsters and when I asked the lady at the desk she gave me a look.  What a look!, like I had two heads and a tail.  She said she has never had a request for an adult anime group and does;’t think it is needed and I said there probably are more people than she thinks interested just they haven’t bothered to ask.  OH WELL.  I guess I’m SOL on this one.

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